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Similar to a fire suppression system, a sprinkler system is solely designed to extinguish fire and minimize smoke and the imminent damage it can cause to a building. Most importantly, a fire sprinkler works to expand the time occupants get to escape the building while the fire alarm is activated. The immediate response signalled by the automatic sprinkler after fire detection saves lives.

The sprinkler system is installed in ceilings or any appropriate side walls. It consists of a water supply, a piping system, and a couple of sprinkler heads. Once the fire gets detected, the sprinkler heads discharge water immediately. Sprinkler systems don’t get set off by smoke, rather, they employ a component that’s sensitive to heat, which only initiates the water release when it senses a sufficiently high temperature (typically above 60°C).

Types of Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire Sprinkler systems come in different types, each offering its own set of benefits for various applications.

The following section will discuss some of its types:

Wet Pipe

A wet pipe sprinkler system comprises a pipe network continuously filled with water. The glass bulb in the sprinkler shatters when it senses a sufficiently high temperature. The persistent supply of water in the pipe grid ensures an immediate outpour of water from the triggered sprinkler head.

Dry Pipe

A dry pipe sprinkler system does not maintain a continuous water supply in its pipe network. Water is instead held back by a dry pipe valve, thus causing a delay from when the sprinkler heads’ glass bulb shatters to the water’s discharge. Consequently, this system is subject to size constraints. Upon the activation of the sprinkler heads, the escaping air induces a decrease in system pressure. This reduction in pressure triggers the dry pipe valve to open, flooding the system with water and permitting it to gush from the active sprinkler head.


Pre-action system perfectly blends the benefits of wet and dry sprinkler systems, giving additional benefits against accidental water damage. Most pre-action setups are connected to a separate fire detection system. When a fire is identified, it triggers the pre-action valve, which then allows water to fill the pipe network. After this happens, the system converts the dry pipe setup into a wet pipe setup, initiating instant water release by shattering the sprinkler head bulb.


The deluge system has many similarities with the pre-action system, but it employs a different method of detection to discharge water from the sprinkler heads. This system utilizes open sprinkler heads. Unlike just letting out water from the activated sprinkler heads, the water stored in the deluge system is released from each and every sprinkler head. The pipe network is filled with water once the associated fire detection system is set off.

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How Frequently Fire Sprinklers Need Servicing?

As per BS9251:2021, an expert should conduct an annual inspection at the minimum. Every element, including pipes, fittings, control valves, and alarm devices, needs to be meticulously examined to evaluate the system’s effectiveness. It’s critical to regularly service sprinkler systems to ensure their dependability. At M and T Mech Sprinkler Services, fire sprinkler systems are set up in line with BS9251:2021 standards. We offer around-the-clock detection and defense against fire threats, every day of the year.

Fire sprinkler testing and maintaining compliance in the UK

Fire Sprinkler Servicing Legal Requirements in the UK

Conducting regular functional tests helps in evaluating the performance of all components. Aspects such as alarms, suction, backflow, and tank heater (if installed) must undergo testing. These tests confirm that every part of the system is operating as intended, including promptness in response and water release when required. Through routine tests, any form of malfunctions or shortcomings can be quickly identified and rectified. This ensures the fire sprinkler system remains in optimal condition.

Any form of neglect in testing and failure of activation will incur serious legal consequences under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

During inspection, accurate records of all servicing, testing, and maintenance activities must be presented on-site. This documentation records the system’s maintenance history. Proper and regular maintenance can help the system to last at least 25 years.

Servicing and Maintenance of a Fire Sprinkler System by M and T Mech Services

Servicing and Maintenance of a Fire Sprinkler System by M and T Mech Services
During the site visit, a trained or competent engineer from M and T Mech Services carries out a thorough system check. These regular checks guarantee the system’s longevity, ensuring they are free from wear or damage.
Our Maintenance Checklist:

  1. A Complete check of all sprinkler heads to ensure:
    • there is no damage or obstruction to prevent water release
    • completely covers critical areas
    • there are no leakage signs, and
    • cover plates fit correctly
  2. Checking whether the system activates when the alarm sounds.
  3. Examine all system valves.
  4. Review the alarm system to ascertain it activates correctly.
  5. Inspection of pumps, control systems, and pumps ( if applicable)
  6. Inspect all the sprinkler heads to confirm they aren’t damaged or blocked
  7. Carry out flow assessments to confirm the water supply
  8. Testing all the system valves for performance and damage.
  9. Pressure check of the full system
  10. Issuing a complete service and test certificate, documenting any required remedial actions.

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